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Friday, October 19, 2012

Bryce Harper & Manny Machado future for MD & DC market!

The Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles both moved in the right direction in 2012. The Nationals finished first in the National League East with the best record in major leage baseball. While the O's had one of the best turnarounds ever as they finished second in the American League East. The Nationals have a young core of pitching led by Stephen Strasburg and called up the young superstar Bryce Harper to help get things going in 2012.

The O's called up fellow young superstar Manny Machado late in the season to help keep the club playing great ball. The callup not only gave them a solid option at the plate but a great fielder at third base.

Both of these clubs have great futures with Manny Machado and Bryce Harper in the Majors. Look for a possible beltway World Series in the near future! Both of these superstars are also making a buzz in the sports memorabilia world as people from all around are trying to collect these two players along with Mike Trout. From autograph baseballs to baseball cards to McFarlane SportsPicks they are on the top of the game. Bryce Harper made his debut on the SportsPick collection just this week the same day he turned 20 years old. While Manny Machado autographs have jumped from $50-$60 range to over $100 on some sites and stores.

The game of baseball has so much promise and for areas of Baltimore and DC they have so much to look forward to going in to 2013!

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